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Welcome to the , Hosting Tutorials - Web Hosting Tutorials cPanel Tutorials, FTP, Softaculous tutorials to manage your account.

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cPanel - Step by step Video Tutorials

01. How to login to cPanel
02. How to create a POP email account in cPanel
03. How to set your default address in cPanel
04. How to setup an auto-responder in cPanel
05. How to setup email forwarding in cPanel
06. How to setup email filters in cPanel
07. How to enable spam protection in cPanel
08. How to add an MX entry in cPanel
09. How to use webmail from within cPanel
10. How to change your cPanel password
11. How to update your contact information in cPanel
12. How to change your cPanel style
13. How to change the primary language in cPanel
14. How to setup desktop shortcuts for cPanel
15. How to backup your website in cPanel
16. How to use File Manager in cPanel
17. How to use the Disk Space Usage tool in cPanel
Disk Usage
18. How to create additional FTP accounts in cPanel
19. How to view your website stats in cPanel
20. How to password protect a directory in cPanel
21. How to use the IP Deny Manager in cPanel
22. How to setup Hotlink protection in cPanel
23. How to create a subdomain in cPanel
24. How to create an addon domain in cPanel
25. How to park a domain in cPanel
26. How to setup domain redirects in cPanel
27. How to create a MySQL database in cPanel
28. How to use the Index Manager in cPanel
29. How to create custom error pages in cPanel
30. How to setup a cron job in cPanel



1 Click Script Installer - Softaculous Video Tutorials

Install over 220+ scripts in just seconds with our Softaculous script installer . With a 1-click install process , you can setup your website in just a few seconds and let Softaculous take care of the maintenance.


01- Find Softaculous in cPanel
02- How to decide which script in Softaculous is right for you
03- How to install a script using Softaculous
04- How to import a script into Softaculous
05- How to synchronize Softaculous with other Auto Installers
06- How to list all scripts that have been installed by Softaculous
07- How to remove a script installed by Sofaculous
08- How to upgrade a script installed by Sofaculous
09- How to change Softaculous' settings and email settings
10- How to install Serendipity from Softaculous
11- How to install WordPress from Softaculous
12- How to install WordPress MU from Softaculous
13- How to install Nucleus from Softaculous
14- How to install Dotclear from Softaculous
15- How to install Textpattern from Softaculous
16- How to install Joomla from Softaculous
17- How to install Drupal from Softaculous
18- How to install MODx from Softaculous
19- How to install Dolphin from Softaculous
20- How to install phpBB from Softaculous
21- How to install MyBB from Softaculous
22- How to install SMF from Softaculous
23- How to install Install Gallery from Softaculous
24- How to install Install Coppermine from Softaculous
25- How to install Tiny Web Gallery from Softaculous
26- How to install Install Piwigo from Softaculous
27- How to install Doku wiki from Softaculous
28- How to install Media wiki from Softaculous
29- How to Install Zencart from Softaculous
30- How to install Magento from Softaculous
31- How to install Oscommerce from Softaculous
32- How to install Cubecart from Softaculous
33- How to install WHMCS from Softaculous

cPanel File Manager Video Tutorials

01. How to access cPanel File Manager
02. Understanding menu items in File Manager
03. Understanding file structure in File Manager
04. How to create new files and folders in File Manager
05. How to copy and move files in File Manager
06. How to rename files in File Manager
07. How to upload and download files with File Manager
08. How to edit files with File Manager
09. How to change file permissions with File Manager
10. How to zip and unzip files in File Manager


phpMyAdmin Video Tutorials

phpMyAdmin is written in PHP intended to handle the administration of MySQL with the use of a web browser. It can perform various tasks such as creating, modifying or deleting databases, tables, fields or rows; executing SQL statements.


01. Becoming familiar with databases in phpMyAdmin
02. Creating tables in a database with phpMyAdmin
03. Deleting tables from a database with phpMyAdmin
04. Inserting fields into database tables with phpMyAdmin
05. Modifying fields in database tables with phpMyAdmin
06. Deleting fields from database tables with phpMyAdmin
07. Exporting databases and tables with phpMyAdmin
08. Importing databases and tables with phpMyAdmin
09. Running SQL queries on a database with phpMyAdmin
10. Renaming database tables with phpMyAdmin
11. Searching through a database with phpMyAdmin
12. Copying a database table with phpMyAdmin

RV Site Builder Video Tutorials

RVSiteBuilder is a website builder that is very easy to use, anyone can make a professional looking website now in just 10 minutes! RvSite builder video tutorial set.

01. Getting started with RVSiteBuilder
02. Editing your website information in RVSiteBuilder
03. Changing your website template in RVSiteBuilder
04. Changing your website style in RVSiteBuilder
05. Changing your page structure in RVSiteBuilder
06. Using layout templates in RVSiteBuilder
07. Creating tables in RVSiteBuilder
08. Editing and Formatting text in RVSiteBuilder
09. Creating hyperlinks in RVSiteBuilder
10. How to upload and use images in RVSiteBuilder
11. Creating Form pages in RVSiteBuilder
12. Creating Forms within a page in RVSiteBuilder
13. Creating a Photo Album in RVSiteBuilder
14. Creating a Guestbook in RVSiteBuilder
15. Adding your logo to your website in RVSiteBuilder
16. Configuring Site Extras in RVSiteBuilder

FTP Video Tutorials

The Complete FTP client software video tutorials. How to use some of the more popular FTP client software to transfer (upload or download) files to and from hostingaccounts.



01. Configuring your website in FileZilla
02. Uploading files using FileZilla
03. Managing files in FileZilla
04. Configuring your website in WinSCP
05. Uploading files using WinSCP
06. Managing files in WinSCP
07. Configuring your website in CuteFTP
08. Uploading files using CuteFTP
09. Managing files in CuteFTP
10. Configuring your website in WS_FTP
11. Uploading files using WS_FTP
12. Managing files in WS_FTP
13. Configuring your website in SmartFTP
14. Uploading files using SmartFTP
15. Managing files in SmartFTP
16. Configuring your website in FlashFXP
17. Uploading files using FlashFXP
18. Managing files in FlashFXP
19. Configuring your website in FTP Voyager
20. Uploading files using FTP Voyager
21. Managing files in FTP Voyager
22. Configuring your website in LeapFTP
23. Uploading files using Leap FTP
24. Managing files in Leap FTP

WordPress Video Tutorials


WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL, which runs on a web hosting service.



1. How to install WordPress
2. How to configure your settings in WordPress
3. How to change your password in WordPress
4. How to edit your profile in WordPress
5. How to change your header in WordPress
6. How to manage categories in WordPress
7. How to write a new post in WordPress
8. How to manage users in WordPress
9. How to manage pages in WordPress
10. How to manage your plugins in WordPress
11. How to write a comment in WordPress
12. How to update your WordPress installation
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